This art and unique style are the works of Mandi Friedman, a Jozi born and bred local artist with a love of ceramics and all things beautiful. Mandi’s kind of beautiful can seem a little unusual to others but nevertheless incredibly interesting and certainly distinct. Inspired by grace of Spanish Lladro as a teenager Mandi’s work has developed a style that is uniquely her own with a love of the human form with lots of focus on hands and really big feet.

Having had a really successful first solo ceramics exhibition at Yiull Artists Studio in Craighall Park, Mandi’s work is now viewable at her place of work, Indulgence Café in Northcliff. Each piece is one of a kind and completely individual. Her sculptures are made primarily in paper clay which is clay with added paper pulp, awesome for hand sculpting as it holds it shape magnificently. Commissions are taken happily but no other artist’s work will be copied. Have as much fun browsing as Mandi has making or painting each piece of love!

To get in touch with me please do so via the contact form found on this website. She is looking forward to hearing from you.